Please print this page and mail it along with your payment to:

World Wide Kennel Club, Ltd.
1101 Midland Ave Suite 101
Bronxville New York 10708

Dogs Registered Name: _______________________________________
WWKC Reg. NO.: ____________________________________________
Type of Registration: (  ) Full        (  ) Limited Not for Breeding
Registration Number: __________________________________________

    Name(s): Print _____________________________________________
    Address: ________________________________ Phone:___________
    City: _________________________ State: ____ Zip: ______________
    Seller's Signature: __________________________________________

    Name(s): Print _____________________________________________
    Address: ________________________________ Phone:___________
    City: _________________________ State: ____ Zip: ______________
    Buyer's Signature: __________________________________________

  1. I/We certify that the dog sold is the dog registered with WWKC as described above and in the Pedigree Certificate delivered to the buyer. I/We authorize the WWKC to record this transfer of ownership this form with the original Certificate of Registration and the transfer fee of $35.00 to the above address.

  2. If the dog being transferred is a bred female, a Litter Registration Application must be delivered to the buyer by the seller and completed as to the listings of the sire and dam and assigned numbers.

  3. The designation "owner" includes Co-Owner, ALL owner(s) of record must sign where "Owner" signatures are required.

  4. If the dog has again been transferred, another Transfer of Ownership form must be requested from WWKC.

For Office Use Only
Date Received: ____________ Fee Received: $_____________ Recorder: _____________

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For all other information pertaining to WWKC Corporate By-laws, Code of Ethics, or an Application for Registration, please contact us at the above address.