A World Wide Kennel Club, Ltd. will principally work for the protection and advancement of purebred dogs.

  1. The WWKC, Ltd. Registering Offices are a separate and distinct registration office and has no connection with any other registration office whatsoever.
  2. Any purebred dog, new breed or rare breed that is eligible for registration in any kennel club will be eligible for registration in WWKC. Evidence of eligibility for registration must be submitted with such.
  3. Both sire and dam must be WWKC registered in their respective owner's names before the litter can be registered.
  4. The application for registration must be completed in full and accompanied with the proper fee, written in ink and legible.
  5. Limited registration is determined by breeder/owner. Dogs cannot be used for breeding purposes and no litter registration may be applied. The breeder/owner has the right to lift the limited registration to full for breeding; however, WWKC must be notified of the change and must have the consent of the breeder/owner in writing, in order to lift the limited registration. Fee $80.00 including Canada and International US Currency.)
  6. Litter applications are furnished free upon request.
  7. Consideration will be given to expedite all litter applications within 14-21 working days unless applied for RUSH SERVICE which will be processed in a minimum of one (1) working day from receipt (provided this application is in order.) Fee $5.00 over normal fee indicated. (RUSH SERVICE - ALL FEES MUST BE PAID BY MONEY ORDER.) Canada and International $8.00 over normal fee indicated US Currency.
  8. Prompt replies will be given to questions regarding registry problems.
  9. A litter of pups must be submitted no later than six (6) months from date of birth. Over six months a penalty of $30.00 in addition to the normal fee indicated. Over one year a penalty of $60.00 in addition to normal fee.

The WWKC reserves the right to correct or reject for cause the registration of this litter. Any misrepresentation of this application is cause for cancellation. WWKC reserves the right to change any and all policies, fees, etc. without any time conditions warrant.

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For all other information pertaining to WWKC Corporate By-laws, Code of Ethics, or an Application for Registration, please contact us at the address on out Home Page.