World Wide Kennel Club is happy to announce that we are back in Florida for Obedience Trials/Rally-Obedience now registering mixed breeds (non-registerable).

Heel and Fetch Kennel Club in Malone, New York - Franklin County; Lynn Winter, President; Carole Heden, Vice President; Contact Person, Carole Heden at (518) 483-5993. Obedience/Rally OBO Trials Monthly.

Dog Training Club of Tampa, Florida - Contact Mary Petropali, at for dates of upcoming shows. WWKC starting conformation dog shows beginning new year.

Florida English Shepherd Kennel Club, Contact Karen Zumwalt PO Box 114 Balm, FL 33503
Karen Zumwalt E-mail:
Brandy Panapolis, Trial Secretary E-mail:

Middle East Kennel Club, Michel Hasbani,Sole Authorized Agent and International Vice President for WWKC
Dog River Road, Alfounoun Street, Beirut Lebanon
Michel Hasbani E-mail:
Michel Hasbani Mobile: (961) 334-6111

JCA, Japan Canine Association, Minatoku, Tokyo Japan, Dr. K. Yasumato. Contact Fax: 0120-63-4888


The fee for a single registration is $35.00 (U.S.),
past 30 days late fee $10.00 over normal fee, $45.00 Total
(International and Canada $50.00 U.S. currency, money order)

Please print this page and mail it along with your payment
to the address at the bottom of the page.

Read all rules and answer all questions. Fill out completely and Type or Print Clearly. We cannot be responsible for the misspelling of words or names.
Breed: ______________________ Date of Birth: ____/____/____
Color: ______________________ Sex : _____________
(  ) Check here if dog is NOT to be used for breeding purposes. Tattoo # (if any): _____________
Dog's Name (please print clearly - 46 letters and spaces maximum)
Breeder: __________________________________________________
note: a photocopy of original registration papers must be enclosed with application if registered with another major registry.
Name of Sire: ______________________________________________
No: ______________________________________________________
Name of Dam: _____________________________________________
No: ______________________________________________________
If the sire and/or dam are WWKC registered, give their complete names and WWKC registration numbers.

Make all checks or money orders payable to:

World Wide Kennel Club, Ltd.
1101 Midland Ave Suite 101
Bronxville New York 10708
Tel: (914) 771-5219
Fax: (914) 961-7789

This is to certify that this pedigree is correct to the best of my knowledge and belief:

Owner's Name: ____________________

Street Address: ____________________

City: ____________ State: ___ Zip: _____

Phone Number: (___)________________

Signature: _________________________

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For all other information pertaining to WWKC Corporate By-laws, Code of Ethics, or an Application for Registration, please contact us at the above address.