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The World Wide Kennel Club, Ltd. was originally formed as a family owned and operated registry in Europe in 1961 to address the need for an International Registry for purebred dogs. We are now working with the German Kennel Club and Japanese Kennel Club along with other International Kennel Clubs.

It relocated to the United States and was incorporated as World Wide Kennel Club, Ltd. in the State of New York under the provisions of Section 402 in 1984. WWKC's first dog show and obedience trial took place in Fort Myers, Florida in February, 1990.

WWKC's objectives include a policy to adopt and enforce uniform rules and regulations for the improvement of all breeds. It addresses people interested in exhibiting, breeding, registering, purchasing, and selling dogs. All rules and regulations have been designed to encourage and protect the interest of its members.

The World Wide Kennel Club, Ltd. has been in existence for more than 45 years, it continues to serve all of its members alike, both those located in the U.S. as well as internationally. WWKC is a major registry service; registering purebred, pedigreed dog breeds, including international and rare breeds. We are a recognized registry association according to the standards of the State of New York Department of Agricultural and Markets (Division of Animal Industry) located in Albany, New York.

The World Wide Kennel Club, Ltd. encourages breed improvement by requiring the same basic adherence to breed standards as other registry services require. However, WWKC goes one step further by offering International Registrations for all countries. WWKC recognizes and is willing to work with all registries and Clubs that are working toward the improvement of any breed. Owners of any dog registered with any other registry are invited to register and exhibit in all WWKC dog shows and obedience trials.

Obedience trials are directly supervised, operated, and licensed by WWKC with affordable and attainable titles by various clubs. A unique concept in exhibiting has been developed.

Official Notice

To: All WWKC Breeders, Clients, and Associates:

The World Wide Kennel Club, Ltd., is an independent organization located in the state of New York. Our dog registry headquarters is located in Bronxville, New York.

While we recognize all major dog registries as proof of pedigree, we are not affiliated with any other dog registry in the United States. WWKC registers all pure and rare breed dogs. Note: we do not sell or board dogs.


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